Corporeal Creativity

A Sole Proprietorship Business started in Boston in October 2023

Value that Ms. Hetal Shah can provide:

  • Hetal is knowledgeable about startups, entrepreneurship, dating, movies and restaurants.

  • Hetal has some good ideas, methods, presentation skills, acumen, sensuality and creativity.

  • Hetal has many connections on Linkedin.

  • Hetal has influence on a good number of Indian American professionals.

  • Hetal has a college-educated fan base in the United States.

  • Maybe some very rich professionals know Hetal and her email address.

  • Maybe some Founders and Executives know Hetal and her email address.

  • Hetal is pretty and petite, and has some good photos.

  • Hetal has written business books, blogs, short stories and business articles.

  • Hetal’s YouTube channel is about professional topics and guided meditations.

  • Hetal’s Vimeo channel is about her songs, dances, recitations and speeches.

  • Hetal has organized events on Meetup and Eventbrite.

  • Hetal is capable of giving some business advice to startups and funded companies.

  • Hetal is capable of signing contracts.

Hetal wants to earn Endorsement, Sponsorship, Licensing, Royalty, Tip Jar, Coaching and Consulting incomes. Please email

Some Video Links:

13 minute video on Design Thinking for Business Innovation

10 minute video on How to Get Sales Traction

2 minute video on Finance for Startups

3 minute video on Is Hetal Indian American?