Professional Biography:

Ms. Hetal Shah is an author of 3 tiny business books, which are available on Amazon. She has a blog called Startups Coach. She has a YouTube channel called Superhetalshah. She is proficient in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship and product management. Ms. Hetal Shah has over 10 years of professional work experience in the sales, marketing, finance, administrative and entrepreneurial fields. In 2006, Hetal provided billing services to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to that Hetal was married and was a housewife. Between year 2000 and year 2002, Hetal founded and ran Vox Populi, Inc., a telecommunications-media startup. Prior to that, Hetal worked as a Marketing Strategy Consultant and a Product Manager for two technology startups in Massachusetts. Between 1997 and 1999, Hetal provided administrative services to Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation. Prior to that, Hetal worked as an Investment Representative for Edward Jones. In 1993, Hetal attained a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Bradley University in Illinois. Hetal is experienced, sophisticated and well-read about finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing.